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Berita Utama
Tourism Crisis Centre of Ministry of Tourism RI Teams Monitors Mt Agung Situation
25-Sep-2017 16:00

Denpasar – Since the emerge of eruption signals of Mt Agung Bali, Minister of Tourism RI, Arief Yahya’s alarm is ringing. He commands The Chief of Tourism Crisis Centre, Ministry of Tourism RI to conduct minute-by-minute monitoring about the situation development in Bali, especially in relation to the tourism issues in The Island of Paradise. 

Minister Arief has not delivered any statement yet in relation to this natural phenomenon. He sent messages to Balinese people who are directly affected by the volcanic phenomenon to be patient, and keep praying to God wishing His Blessing. “We are sending our condolences", said Arief Yahya.
Minister alao added Balinese people who are not affected directly from the volcanic phenomenon are expected to participate in helping others and also keep on praying to God.
“Tourists are informed to be careful, please follow Government’s advices by avoiding potential areas just in case eruption happens,” said Arief Yahya.
While, The Chief of Tourism Crisis Centre, Ministry of Tourism RI, Ngurah Putra, reported that Mt Agung Bali is now on the level of 4 (the high alert) - the highest possible rating. The radius of monitor distance from 9 km has been enlarged into 12 km.
Ngurah stated that the Provincial Government of Bali along with Indonesian National Board for Disaster Management have made anticipation steps by evacuating more than 15.000 Balinese people who lives near Mt Agung to several tents and safe places. 
Bali’s Governor, Made Mangku Pastika instructed all of departments of the Province of Bali to send assistances to several appointed posts and it has been done since today.
Tourism Department of Bali along with another Tourism Department of other cities and regencies and tourism stakeholders are about to arrange a meeting on discussing the action plans in order to help evacuees on several appointed posts.
Ngurah Putra also reported that per 23 September 2017 at 7 pm, Ngurah Rai airport was still running smoothly. The condition of the airport is reported safe, normal, and there was no cancellation of flights. “We hope that the condition here is going to be condusif and everything stays safe,” Ngurah said. 
The Tourism Crisis Centre also recorded that until now there is no cancellation of visit from foreign tourists to Bali. There is no information about the rescheduling plan as well, especially in relation to the early return plan done by foreign tourists who visit Bali due to Mt Agung issues. “Lets pray wishing the situation around Mt Agung is coming back to normal”, Ngurah Putra closed his statement.


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